Catalina 30FT Sailing Boat

30ft Catalina Sailing Boat 6 Guests – 1 Cabin – 1 Bathroom – Sound System

Trip Options

Cruise, Sailing, Party, Sunset, Snorkling


**Bay of Banderas Sailing Adventure on a 30ft Catalina**

Embark on a memorable voyage across the stunning Bay of Banderas aboard our 30ft Catalina sailing boat. Tailored for intimacy and comfort, this vessel accommodates up to 6 guests, ensuring a personalized and cozy experience.

**Duration Options**:

**4-Hour Sail**: Perfect for those looking to feel the sea breeze and catch a glimpse of the bay’s beauty. Revel in the sun, sea, and sky as we glide gracefully over the waters.

**6-Hour Exploration**: Enhance your sailing experience with extended time to bask in the natural wonders of the Bay of Banderas. Perhaps spot some local marine life and get lost in the vast blue horizon.

**8-Hour Expedition**: The ultimate sailing experience. Delve deeper into the bay’s hidden gems, with ample time for relaxation, sightseeing, and immersing yourself in the rhythmic dance of the waves.

All our tours come complete with an experienced crew ready to cater to your every need. As we unfurl the sails and chart a course across the bay, prepare yourself for an enchanting journey filled with breathtaking views and serene moments. Let the Bay of Banderas captivate your heart aboard our 30ft Catalina. Sail away with us!

Included Services

– Cooler with ice
– Bottled Purified Water
– Disposable plates and cups
– Welcome Drink
– 1 Hour of Margaritas
– Snorkeling 🤿
– 2 Fishing rods
– Crew
– Towel Service

Additional Services


Port Fee of $80 MXN / Person
Port fee must be paid directly to the Marina Security guards before boarding the vessel.



Please contact us to confirm availability, pricing and any special requests you may have.